Q: How old do I have to be to purchase rosin bags and/or rent a rosin press?

A: 21 years old.


 Q: Do you ship rentals?

A: Not at this time. Rentals must be picked up and dropped off at our Buchanan, MI location.


Q: Do I have to bring my material into the store and press it there?

A: You take the rosin press with you and extract concentrates in the comfort of your own home.


Q: Is there a charge for returning a dirty press?

A: Yes, one trillion dollars.


Q: What should I use to clean the press before returning?

A: Isopropyl alcohol.


Q: Will you press my material for me?

A: No.


Q: Will you wash my material?

A: Still no. We are not a licensed cannabis facility and not able to process your material.