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What is Squish Michigan?

Although many consumers desire access to rosin presses, it can be hard to justify the purchase without testing out the equipment. It may seem illogical to purchase such a machine when the average consumer has never used one and does not know how to operate it or the best methods to create the best product.  These consumers do not have a reliable source for guidance aside from internet research and YouTube videos, which are impersonal and cannot answer individual's questions. Squish Michigan solves the issue of expensive investments; our rentals are reasonably priced and affordable for all consumers.  Customers need not worry about buyer's remorse, because at Squish Michigan equipment can be leased to see which model or brand best suits customer needs before making that big purchase. Outdated equipment is also a non-issue.  Leasing allows customers to enjoy the benefits of always having the highest quality, most recent models and features.  For those who are interested in occasional rosin press use, Squish Michigan allows consumers to rent it when they need it and save their hard-earned money, rather than spending money on something that may only be used a few times a year.  For those who are ready to make the purchase of their own rosin press, we offer presses of different brands and sizes so that customers can purchase the press that best meets their needs and expectations.

Additionally, if the idea of making solvent-less concentrates sounds daunting, turn to our team of experts who can answer all questions that may arise.  Patrons of Squish Michigan will be squishing rosin like the pros in no time, all while in the comfort of their own homes.  This allows customers to feel confident in the quality and purity of the product, rather than relying on the uncertainty of pre-made extracts.


What is a rosin press used for?

A rosin press is a quick, solvent-free method of extracting resin from the plant, using a combination of heat and pressure.  The press allows you to control the amount of both heat and pressure during the extraction process in order to preserve the terpenes and cannabinoids, which can quickly degrade under too high of temperatures.  The result is a final product of higher quality than those yielded from the earlier, less sophisticated methods of extraction, such as flat irons.

Are there benefits of using a rosin press over other extraction methods?

For many, the number one benefit of using a rosin press is the fact that it is a solvent-free extraction method.  Although solvent-based concentrates are quite popular, the use of butane, ethanol, propane, or other types of solvents to extract cannabinoids from the plant is a matter of concern to many consumers.  Using a rosin press allows you to extract cannabinoids and terpenes on your own and eliminates the worry of solvent remnants in the product.  In addition, the rosin press works quickly and typically retains a purer flavor than solvent-based products.