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BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags All Mesh 1 Gallon 4 Bag Set Herbal Ice Essence
BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags All Mesh 1 Gallon 4 Bag Set Herbal Ice Essence

BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags All Mesh 1 Gallon 4 Bag Set Herbal Ice Essence

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BUBBLEBAGDUDE Bubble Bags All Mesh 1Gallon 4 Bag Set Herbal Ice Essence Extraction Bag Kit with 10 x 10” (25 Micron) Pressing Screen and Storage Bag


4-PACK BUBBLE BAG SET – Extraction bag set made from premium materials guaranteed to double your yields compared to our competitor's bubble bags.  We provide you with 4 different micron sizes: 220,120,73 and 25 (Each bag is labeled)


DOUBLE YOUR YIELD – Built with high-quality materials and superior stitching to give you a premium quality product, every time. Each large 1-gallon micron bag provides you with industrial-grade filtration to easily extract any essential oils, coffee, and other herbs


THICK, QUALITY MATERIALS & DRAINS FAST– Extremely durable and thick all mesh bags made with premium quality German Mesh. They will provide you with the biggest possible yield every single time.  Proudly made right here in the USA - No cheap, Made In China crap that will not last


EASY TO USE – Bags that will easily fit over a 1-gallon bucket.  Once you are done hand mixing or machine mixing your bubble, stack the bags in the exact order that you see pictured, then pour your mixture into the bags, finally rinse each bag and collect your finished product!


WHY BUBBLEBAGDUDE? – We sell only superior products that will provide you with the absolute best results.  We have been in business for over 11 years and have set the standard when it comes to producing high-quality bubble hash.  We also provide you with a 25-micron pressing screen and convenient storage bag


BUBBLEBAGDUDE 20-Gallon 4 Piece Bubble Bag Kit Includes:


●      4 Color Coded Bubble Bags (1 Gallon)

●      4 Micron Sizes: 220,120,73 and 25

●      (10 x 10") 25 Micron Pressing Screen

●      Storage Bag to keep your micron bags in great condition when not in use


**Bucket is NOT included it's for display purpose only**